Midgley Village shop

Staffed entirely by volunteers Midgley village shop is open at the times shown below.
Shop Opening Times

Mon    09:00-19:00
Tue     Closed
Wed    09:00-19:00
Thu     09:00-19:00
Fri       09:00-19:00
Sat      09:00-13:00
Sun     09:00-13:00

The shop will stock items for special diets if you ask us to
We sell 20 doz free range eggs per week
You can make your own meat order, even if it is as small as a couple of lamb chops and it will be delivered for collection on a
We can order your weekday and weekend papers
We stock a range of well priced wines which we source with great care
When we can we stock locally produced food and drinkThat on a range of basics Midgley shop if often cheaper than local supermarketsIt is shop policy to stock basics at a modest price

We now take credit and debit cards

Telephone 01422 886687